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The Sniper 2009 Full Movie In Hindi Free Download (Updated 2022)




A killer sentenced to death by the government suddenly decides to seek redemption by killing the current President of his country to avenge the innocent people killed by the government, as well as the brutality that he has suffered during his life in prison. Cast Yuen Biao – Young Tung-chiu Marco Ngai – Tung-chiu Hsu Hsia – President-General Chun-dou Kwan Ching – General Chun-dou's wife Mary Ting – Chun-dou's wife Sam Lee – President Hsieh Renee Liu – Hsieh's wife Allen Kuo – Lin Chien-liu Liu Wu – Chien-liu's secretary Cheng Hon-cheung – Associate Executive Director of Central Bank Li Keran – Head of Assassination Unit, Shang Juei Lee Bong-kwan – Head of Hwa-lai (fake) Liu Kwan-chi – Head of Hwa-lai (real) Wong Wai – Old Hwa-lai (fake) Mak Tsz-lok – Old Hwa-lai (real) James Tien – Father Chen Kuan-tai – Elder brother Mak Hoi-lung – Elder brother Alice Mak – Elder sister David Chan – Brother Luk Bo-wai – Brother-in-law Hui Chun-fung – Brother-in-law Yeung Wing-cheung – Father-in-law Liang Yu-tang – Father-in-law Kwan Hoi-san – Secretary Cheng Chi-wai – Secretary Cheng Chi-ming – Secretary Awards Nomination – Favorite Actor – Hong Kong Film Awards (2009) Nomination – Favorite Actor – 14th Golden Horse Film Festival (2009) Nomination – Best Actor – 14th Golden Horse Film Festival (2009) External links Category:2009 films Category:Hong Kong films Category:Hong Kong action films Category:2000s action films Category:Films directed by Tsui HarkHideto Ichimonji was a Japanese modern dancer and choreographer. Ichimonji often performed with a mokume-gata (golden wand) in one hand and a tsuba (sword guard) in the other. As "The




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The Sniper 2009 Full Movie In Hindi Free Download (Updated 2022)

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