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About the Global Migration Blog

Read our perspective on the issues surrounding migrant workers

We are the 'Global Migration Blog', a network of connected, likeminded individuals dedicated to promoting global migration legal issues by providing a library of all information and resources relating to migrant workers. 

Every year, an increasing number of individuals across Asia migrate from their home in pursuit of better work opportunities for themselves and their families. Likewise, every year, an increasing number of families across Asia are looking for foreign domestic workers for their home and more economies are enacting laws permitting unskilled migrants to work in-country to fulfil this. We recognise that this migration process is full of challenges, from illegal agency practices to individuals being at risk of being exploited and abused by their agent or employer. However, not only migrant workers but even many NGO’s, local officials and lawyers are not aware of migrant workers’ legal rights and the laws surrounding this area. We have created this project to bridge the information gap within this area.


Our purpose:

  • Raise awareness of the existing issues that migrant workers face by creating a worldwide database of information on legal cases and research reports 

  • Collaborate with partners

  • Support migrant workers

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